Virtual meeting rooms

Posted on March 7, 2011 by Peter Fransson

Everyday I’m in global virtual meetings, sometimes it works excellent and sometimes it’s a disaster.
Best experiences are when participants in different locations are in rooms with “telepresence – video”, we use a Tandberg (Cisco) solution today and have a few rooms with excellent quailty.
Some of our smaller rooms are equipped with the Roundtable solution from Microsoft.

What will be the next step, considering that we all want to be able to connect to our meetings wherever we are, with any type of device -  will there be interoperability between different new & old solutions?
I guess that no-one has missed the launch of iPad 2 which comes with two cameras.

Another interesting solution is from Skype and Panasonic:

And i guess there is a lot of other solutions available and there will be more to come and I’m really looking forward to the day when global virtual meetings with audio & video is easy to join.

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